Pumphouse Brewery Coronavirus Response

Richard, a member of the Management Committee said: “When Covid-19 measures were introduced, the impact on Pumphouse was immediate, substantial and potentially catastrophic. Overnight our core markets of pubs, venues and events simply disappeared. All that remained were the few retailers allowed to remain open and our neighbours in the local community.

“Our response has been to reduce production and furlough one person, but crucially to keep on brewing. We are producing small quantities for home deliveries of draft beer in two and four pint containers and larger volumes are being bottled. Bottled beer has a longer shelf life and we are building stocks of a wide range of ales for sale during the emergency and for the future.

“The Prince's Countryside Fund have very kindly given us permission to repurpose some grant money to buy new bottling equipment, shelving and, importantly, an EPOS system so we can make all transactions cashless. 

“We are introducing special friendly pricing for the duration of the emergency, so our neighbours and regular customers can buy our locally produced beers for supermarket prices. We won’t make a profit, but Pumphouse can keep on working and keep on supporting our community.”