New Role at the Fund: Farmer Support Coordinator

We’re delighted to welcome Diane Spark as our new Farmer Support Coordinator. The role came about after growing numbers of farmer support groups, forums, and networks throughout the UK expressed a need for greater collaboration, increased knowledge transfer and cohesion. In this role, Diane will promote the work and usefulness of the of the UK farmer networks, and help their development and ensure best practice.

Diane said: “I am delighted to have recently taken on this exciting new part-time role, and I look forward to helping promote and support the amazing work and usefulness of the UK Farmer Support Community.”

Diane also works as the Project Manager for UTASS (Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services). UTASS works across the rural communities of County Durham to help prevent problems from getting to the desperate stage and assist in maintaining a safer, happier self sustaining community. Diane said the 'holistic' service has changed considerably since she joined in 1996, but helps with more than 37,000 issues every year from demystifying complicated EU forms for farmers, to providing dog walkers with poo bags and everything in between.

If you would like to get in touch with Diane, email her on


Photo courtesy of John Millard/Country Life Picture Library.