Abattoirs and the Supply Chain

Abattoirs and the Supply Chain

The Fund has been working to support farming families, small and local abattoirs, and their supply chain for a decade.

To support our work in this area, we are commissioning research - to be published in summer 2020 - that will provide usable data and actionable evidence of the economic and environmental benefits of a network of small and local abattoirs.

The three main issues we hope to address are:

  1. To provide evidence of abattoirs' economic and environmental good, with a focus on their value to the economy;
  2. To look at the viability of smaller abattoirs in the UK, and how they can be best be supported;
  3. and to look at the place and context of abattoirs in the wider supply chain, particularly their benefit for smaller producers e.g. individual family farms, crofters, and other small-scale livestock producers.

You can download the full tender document here. For more information or to submit your tender, please contact Ellie Jesson, Operations Manager on 07552 340 129 or email