Morrions Apprenticeship Transfer Levy

Morrions Apprenticeship Transfer Levy

The Prince’s Countryside Fund are supporting Morrisons, who have opened up apprenticeship transfer levy funds to support British farmers of the future. 

This is an exciting opportunity for young farmers to gain financial aid to fund their studies at a local agricultural college. We are delighted to be working with Morrisons on their mission to ensure the next generation of farmers have the correct skills and knowledge to do their jobs well.  

Whether or not your farm employer is a supplier of Morrisons, you are welcome to apply for the levy.  

You could be eligible if you are:  

·       Over 19 years old  
·       Employed on a farm  
·       Enrolling in an apprenticeship or training programme at a local agricultural college 

In addition, if you work on a farm which supplies product to Morrisons, you have the opportunity to join a variety of Morrisons bespoke programmes. These range from egg training schemes to supply chain projects, business training, and individual mentoring support from Morrisons team members. Please note, these are available as bolt-on opportunities in addition to your primary apprenticeship/training course at college.  

To apply for levy funding and also register your interest in any of the Morrions bespoke programmes (either as a farm employer or employee) please click here.