About The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme

“The Programme was one of the most useful things we have participated in and we’re still implementing and continuing with what we learnt.”


The Programme Journey:



Workshop Topic  Objective 
1.Business Health Check tool feedback  This workshop includes anonymous feedback from the results of the Business Health Check tool. The group will have a chance to compare the data to explore the reasons behind varying results and look at the benefits of different methods of keeping and using records. 
2. Practical cost management   During this workshop the group will look at practical solutions to cost saving, including ways to make efficiencies through pasture, feed costs, housing livestock and sharing examples of best practice. 
3. Getting to know your finances  Building on the practical suggestions explored so far, this workshop looks at different techniques for budget planning, managing cash flow and evaluating income. It will explore how accounts are put together, and how they can advise your decision making on-farm. 
4. Business planning and managing change  This workshop encourages families to look at their farm businesses, to identify short- and long-term aims, SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and how to manage change through planning for the future.
5. Planning for your future  This workshop looks at planning for succession, communicating within the family and future proofing your farm business. 
6. Managing your Farmed Environment  This workshop looks at ways of identifying and measuring public goods on your farm and opportunities and advice around farming in harmony with the environment within the new policy framework being developed. 
7. Free choice  The groups have the opportunity to choose their 7th workshop, previously subjects including grassland management, livestock nutrition and marketing have been selected. 

Alumni: Having completed the Programme, there will be many opportunities to join further workshops and events covering a variety of topics. These take place regionally and are open to all previous participants of the Programme in each area. 


Why The Prince's Farm Resilience Programme?

The past few years have been a very challenging time for the farming sector. Years of declining farm gate prices has put an unprecedented strain on these businesses. Research carried out by The Andersons Centre for the Fund demonstrated that the problems affecting farms have become so extreme that one in five were unable to pay their short term debts. These cashflow problems have implications for the wider community, leading to work drying up and redundancies looming.

This is combined with the background of continuing uncertainty about the future of UK farming policy and funding as we prepare to leave the EU, for which many family farms are simply not equipped to cope, whether that be financially, technically, or emotionally. During this period of transition the Fund is committed to helping assist vulnerable farming families to prepare for change, and build more resilient businesses capable of being successful in a changing environment. By taking part farmers will be able to build their confidence in their own business and identify the next steps and changes needed for their farm.

Our research commissioned from the University of Exeter into the viability of the small family farm explored the longer-term prospects for family farms. Through this programme we address some of the issues by providing essential information, handy tips and advice.