The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme offers free business skills training to family dairy and livestock farms across the UK.

Up to 300 farms can join the programme each year and participate in a series of seven workshops which focus on different business skills to maximise profitability and resilience. Topics include business planning, understanding accounts and budgeting, and exploring new opportunities for your farm.

Alongside this every farm receives one-to-one on farm support to take part in a Business Health Check Tool to look at their strengths and weaknesses and benchmark costs against similar farms.

The programme brings together like-minded farms in local groups, and gives families the tools to evaluate their viability and long-term sustainability enabling them to make informed business decisions on their future direction.

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What our farmers say….

 “If you’re wanting to create change within your business, particularly if you have problems around planning for the future and succession, the Programme is really useful.” William, Lanarkshire.

“I like seeing what other people do on their farms; even if you take just one bit of information away from someone else’s experience, that’s helpful. The Programme facilitates this and it’s a great learning experience. They provide a wide range of experts and it makes getting information really accessible.” Ed, Shropshire.

“The Programme has really given us more confidence, and the contacts to help us move forward. The help we received with accounting and record keeping will enable us to progress our business; we’re looking to expand and find a long term tenancy and it’s great knowing we can approach banks and investors with our records in order, and in a format they understand.” Stephen, Somerset.

“It became clear how there’s room for lots of little improvement across the board, and how these improvements are within our control. The programme has also helped me to identify a plan to push the performance of the whole business.” Philip, Northern Ireland.