Contact us

Contact us

To find out more about The Prince's Countryside Fund and how you could get involved, please get in touch with a member of the team. 

Claire Saunders, Director

Contact me if you would like to work together to support the aims of the Fund:


Nicola Street, Office Coordinator

Contact me with general enquiries about the Fund:

020 7566 6672 or email.

Maddy Fitzgerald, Head of Operations

On Maternity Leave until May 2020.

Ellie Jesson, Operations Manager

Contact me with questions about the Fund's research and advocacy, or to find out ways in which you can support the Fund:

020 7566 8792 or email.

Tessa Berridge, Communications Officer:

Contact me with any press enquiries:

020 7566 8785 or email.

Claudia Sousa, Fundraising Manager

Contact me to find out ways in which you or your business can support the Fund:

020 7566 8782 or email.

Rebecca Hadaway, Fundraising Officer

Contact me about our work with Corporate Partners:

020 7566 8797 or email.

Beth Summers, Programme Manager

Contact me with any enquiries about the Fund's programmes:

020 7566 8793 or email.

Fiona Parker, Project Officer

Contact me for more information about The Prince's Farm Resilience Programme:

020 7566 8787 or email.

Helen Fagan, Grants Manager:

Contact me to discuss the Fund's strategic grants programme:

020 7566 6678 or email.

Sophie Middleton, Grants and Outreach Officer

Contact me for more information on the Fund's grants programme:

020 7566 6615 or email

For all press enquiries please click here.

You can also write to us at: The Prince’s Countryside Fund, 137 Shepherdess Walk, London, N1 7RQ