Yorkshire Moors Agricultural Apprenticeship Scheme

Yorkshire Moors Agricultural Apprenticeship Scheme

We inspire young people to consider a rural career but we know how difficult it can be to get on the career ladder. Through our grants we support training programmes, provide bursaries and vouchers, and help apprenticeship schemes, just like this one in the Yorkshire Moors.

The Yorkshire Moors Agricultural Apprenticeship Scheme aims to increase the labour supply on upland farms in the North York Moors by improving the skills of agricultural workers and ensuring that there are future generations of hill farmers to manage and maintain the moor flocks and environment.

The scheme supports apprentices through an 18-month course which includes learning all aspects of the industry by working on a farm while completing a Level 2 diploma in work-based agriculture and livestock production at the local college.

Apprentice Rachel explains: "When I left school all I wanted to do was work outside. I was bought up on our busy family farm and just love working with animals and being outdoors. I found out about the scheme from my mum’s friend andit really helped me out. Going to college helps me learn new skills such as using the tractor, injecting and worming animals and I now have certificates for spraying which I really need. It also gives me a wage. Without the income from scheme I couldn’t afford to work on our farm. I get some funny looks, as it is not a typical ‘girlie’ career, but I am doing something that I love."

As the average age of British farmers continues to rise to nearly 60 we are committed to supporting projects that inspire young people to consider a rural or agricultural career.