The Thorold

The Thorold

Sandra, Secretary and Treasurer said: “The grant from The Prince’s Countryside Fund paid for a complete refit of the commercial kitchen at The Thorold. The building had been empty for four and a half years, so it needed a lot of work and the kitchen had been totally cleared when we bought it. We now have dishwashers, fridges, freezers, everything!

"The Thorold is a pub with a shop and café, but we often call it a community hub, though it is a labelled as a community owned pub. There is a limited café during the week, which is open every afternoon and on a Wednesday morning. The outreach Post Office comes to the hub on a Wednesday morning, which has been very popular as there has not been a Post Office here since 2001.

"It has brought the village back together again. There is no other small community building in Hougham or Marston. These two villages share a village hall, which is located between them. The pub sits in the centre of Marston, opposite the school. It has put life back into the village, and it is so nice that people can say ‘we are going to our pub’.

"We wouldn’t have been open now without the money from The Prince’s Countryside Fund, having that money allowed us to move ahead with the refurbishment as we knew the money was available when we came to installing the kitchen, and it felt fantastic to have that security. Without food, the pub wouldn’t survive, people want to go and eat with their friends, and use the café. There is nowhere else, and no public transport through either village, our village has twice as many over 55s as the national average, so the Thorold is so important as place for neighbours and friends to meet.”


“The Thorold is reaching people and bringing them back together, especially those who are on their own. I love the pub and feel I can come in on my own for a drink or coffee and cake. The village looks alive again.” Sybil Howard, Chair of the WI.

“As a pub the Thorold is welcoming, spacious, friendly and serves good food. They also cater for gluten free, which is always a bonus for me. As the community achievement that it is, it is fantastic and should inspire other villages to do the same :-)” Trip Advisor