Rural Four - Catalyst, Collaborate, Create and Champion

Rural Four - Catalyst, Collaborate, Create and Champion

This dedicated programme of support for community projects in England, Scotland and Wales is funded by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Now in its third year the project seeks to reach out and engage with up to 10 rural communities annually to help deliver and reinvigorate community assets and services.

Overall, the Rural Four project aims to

  • Reinvigorate community networks by assisting with rebuilding community assets;
  • Improve the health and well-being of socially isolated people through providing access to improved community assets and a network of support;
  • Create a lasting legacy of support and community spirit in the areas supported.

Working with our partners including Scottish Business in the Community, the Plunkett Foundation and Pub is the Hub our networks are used as a catalyst for community engagement. Support and guidance is provided to communities to collaborate and learn from others to build plans for projects that reinvigorate or restore vital assets. Funding is then provided to those that meet our eligibility criteria in order to support the community to create change.

The Fund is proud to have already provided 25 communities with funding from this programme and continues to work with them to champion and promote the impact on the lives of local residents.

   John from Crowle                                              Annette from Great Paxton

Interested in applying?

Grants will be awarded in line with the Fund’s grant programme eligibility criteria with a particular focus on tackling isolation and improving the health and wellbeing of people living in sparsely populated areas. Organisations and groups applying should have proven success of the community working together and a governance structure in place.

Rural Four Eligibility and Guidance Document

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