Pumphouse Brewery

Pumphouse Brewery

Richard, a member of the Management Committee said: "The brewery is now coming up for five years old, and we actually started brewing just over four years ago. We have the same objectives now as we did then; beyond making good beer, we want to create opportunities for employment and volunteering.

"The money from The Prince's Countryside Fund has enabled us to take our young head brewer Aaron, from a part time role to a full working week at the brewery. As well as head brewer duties he is now managing the business. We wouldn’t have been able to employ somebody full time for a few years yet, without the help of The Prince’s Countryside Fund. We have also been able to take on Kaaren, a mum, whose children are at school locally. She does all the admin, financial management and sales liaison for a full day a week.

"The third employee is Bill, a retired police officer, who wanted to learn new skills and make a difference. He is our assistant brewer and, as he likes to call it, ‘logistics manager’, (he does a lot of the deliveries!).

"They work as a really good team.

"The practical impact has also been significant. At Christmas everything was so much smoother, all the orders were delivered when they should be, and nobody was let down.

"Aaron is now finishing some structural work on the brewery with the help of his dad who is a builder.

"We are a work in progress! It is enabling us to get closer to some of our objectives, and we are only six months in. Thanks to the Prince’s Countryside Fund we can’t wait to see the difference over the next two and half years.”

We spoke to Mick, one of the volunteers, and I think you’ll agree that it has had a significant impact on his life.

Mick said: “I took early retirement from Carlsberg-Tetley, but sadly my wife became ill with dementia and then Parkinsons. I was her carer for four years until she passed away.

"My daughter persuaded me to move to Toppesfield after my wife’s death and I have never looked back. The community has given me a new lease of life; firstly, I bought some shares in the pub in the village, and then they said they were going to start a micro-brewery. Word got around the village that I had worked with beer for 30 years, and they asked if I wanted to help, so I started going two to three times a week, Since the lockdown I’ve really missed going over.

"Moving to Toppesfield was the best thing I did, and I really enjoy volunteering at the brewery. I It brings back so many memories for me, as for 33 years I delivered beer and working with beer has always been a way of life for me.

"It is such a great community here, and I can even see the pub from where I live! Before I moved to the village, I was having panic attacks and didn’t go out that much, but moving to the village, having shares in the pub and volunteering at the brewery has been amazing, everybody looks after everybody here.”


“For 30 years I was proud to serve the community as a Police Officer. Now I am retired, The Prince’s Countryside Fund has given me the opportunity to benefit the community again. My role at Pumphouse is helping to increase production and distribution, as well as building new skills and friendships.” Bill Holland, Assistant Brewer


“In my job at Pumphouse I contact our customers with details of our new and upcoming beer offers. I look after credit control, payments, banking and statutory documentation. Being flexible and local, it fits in brilliantly with a busy Mum’s life!"  Kaaren Berry, Sales and Admin Assistant


“Working a full five days a week doesn’t just enable us to increase production. It allows me to monitor quality continuously and effectively, ensuring Pumphouse beers are consistently excellent." Aaron Osborne, Head Brewer