National Directory of Farm and Rural Support Groups

In July 2020, The Prince's Countryside Fund launched its National Directory of Farm and Rural Support Groups. The directory lists 69 regional, national, and membership organisations who can provide support, advice, and guidance to farming and rural communities. The directory signposts to support for farmers who might be in crisis. Poor mental health is on the rise in rural and farming communities, so making support groups easy to find and accessible is vital.

Originally created by YANA, a farming mental health charity working across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Worcestershire, the directory has been updated to include 21 new support groups. Click on the image below to launch the directory.

Adam Henson told us: “I’m very proud to be an ambassador for The Prince’s Countryside Fund. Tragically, one farm worker a week takes their own life, so I'm pleased to be helping launch and support the National Directory for Farm and Rural Support Groups. This pocket-sized directory means that if you come across people in the countryside who are struggling and need support, you can point them in the right direction.”