"Minding Your Own Business" workshops

IAgSA, supported by a grant from The Prince's Countryside Fund, are running a series of workshops to help members of farming families to future proof their businesses, and have the opportunity to update and improve skills and knowledge.

  • Do you need to have a better understanding of bookkeeping systems?
  • How useful are your year end accounts to you?
  • Is producing a cash flow or budget a challenge?
  • Does your farm data easily provide management information?

Inspired by the upcoming changes to Making VAT Digital, IAgSA's new workshops help farming families to get their accounts in order, truly understand the changes that are being implemented, and make their farm bookkeeping system really work for them.

Session One: Is your current bookkeeping system fit for purpose?

This workshop will enable attendees to update their skills and knowledge base, to ensure a better understanding of their farm bookkeeping systems. It will also give them the opportunity to review their current systems in preparation for the future regulatory requirements.

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to:

  • Assess the correctness and suitability of their current farm bookkeeping systems
  • Review their existing systems in order to future proof their business with regards to management decisions
  • Recognise and use farm data to produce enterprise gross margins and whole farm analysis

Session Two: Managing your business performance

This workshop will help attendees to recognise and use farm data to produce farm efficiency and performance measurements. It will also enable them in the preparation and production of cashflow and budget reports.

By the end of the session, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand year end accounts
  • Recognise cropping year v financial year
  • Produce Gross and Net margins and identify the cost of production
  • Produce cashflow and budget reports

For further information, or to book a session, email IAgSA@IAgSA.co.uk