Our Corporate Partners

The Prince’s Countryside Fund simply could not function without the generous support from our Corporate Partners. Rural Britain is under extreme threat; the effects of climate change, animal and crop disease, and uncertainty over farmgate prices are just a few of the challenges facing our farms and rural businesses. Shockingly, one farmer a week commits suicide. Meanwhile, Defra predicts that one quarter of small farms will go out of business post-Brexit, and other economists have put the figure at over 50%.  Even more worryingly, these figures were predicted before Coronavirus took hold; and therefore, the devastation is set to be even greater.

We are incredibly grateful to our Corporate Partners for their ongoing dedication and commitment to the Fund, which allows us to ensure rural and farming communities are resilient in the challenges coming their way. We take pride in working closely with quality brands and companies who share our vision of a resilient and vibrant rural sector for the future.​

Supporters can get involved in a number of ways from logo licensing, employee fundraising, event sponsorship or financially supporting a specific programme or workstream. Click below on each partner to find out how we work together.

This year, we are very excited to welcome Gregory Distribution, Forest Holidays, McDonald’s and New Holland to the family! 

Corporate Donations

Not all companies choose to become a corporate partner- some companies support our charitable work by making a one-off or regular donation so that we can deliver projects to help rural and farming communities. Whether you’d like to support our grant giving programme, projects, research or help communities at times of crisis through our dedicated Emergency Fund, your donation will make a vital difference to the future of the British countryside.

This year, we are delighted to announce that Weetabix and Lloyds Banking Group have made generous donations to the Fund, showing their support of the British countryside.

Scroll through below to see the companies that support the Fund through Corporate Donations. 


If you would like to find out more about how your company can support the Fund, please get in touch.

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