“Achieving the 2020 vision” for Herefordshire’s farming families

Herefordshire Rural Hub is launching a new project to provide a unique package of support for Herefordshire’s family farms, with the aim of helping them achieve long term viability in these challenging times. With the help of The Prince’s Countryside Fund this three year project is now looking for farming businesses to participate in the scheme.

It is of vital importance that family farming businesses are prepared and ready to meet emerging challenges in order to have a future beyond the changes that Brexit will inevitably bring after 2020. This new project will provide the business support and encouragement for members of the participating farming families to be able make the changes and improve their skill set. It will be run alongside a newly set-up mentoring programme which will ensure that there will be a complete package of support, tailor-made for each farm.

Project Facilitator, Sarah Starkey says "This is a very exciting project and we are delighted that the 3 year programme of funding will give us the opportunity to support the chosen farming businesses to be in better shape to face the challenges of farming up to and beyond 2020". For more details or if you are interested in participating in the project please contact Herefordshire Rural Hub – farming2020@herefordshireruralhub.co.uk

The Rural Hub in Herefordshire is a business support organisation which carries out activities to the benefit of the people of Herefordshire, to promote economic, social and environmental improvements in land based and rural businesses within the County. The Hub makes training and knowledge transfer relevant and accessible particularly to the hard to reach farm businesses, it also provides up to date information on events, funding opportunities, rules and regulations and brings it all together in a monthly newsletter which can be accessed through their website www.herefordshireruralhub.co.uk