Where should we bring The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme in 2018-19?

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme is a series of free business skills workshops aimed at family livestock and dairy farm businesses. It aims to improve confidence, efficiency, and resilience by bringing together like-minded farm enterprises in local networks, to review their current activity and identify opportunities and improvements that can be made on farm.

The programme is formed of a series of seven group workshops which focus on different business skills to maximise profitability and resilience. Topics include business planning, understanding accounts and budgeting, and exploring new opportunities for your farm. Alongside this every farm receives one-to-one on farm support to take part in a Business Health Check Tool to look at their strengths and weaknesses and benchmark costs against similar farms.

The programme runs in up to 15 locations across the UK each year, with spaces for 20 farms in each group.

We would love to hear your suggestions of where we should bring The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme for 2018-19 – if you think you, or other family farms in your area, could benefit from the programme please contact madeleine.fitzgerald@bitc.org.uk by 1st March 2018

The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme will open for applications in autumn 2018. You can find out more here.