Countryside Classroom

Countryside Classroom

We want to ensure that schoolchildren understand where their food comes from. That is why we support Countryside Classroom, a network of more than 30 organisations dedicated to helping children learn about food, farming and the natural environment.

The Countryside Classroom website aims to provide every schoolchild the opportunity to learn about food, farming and the countryside through a variety of activities and resources linked with curriculum subjects.

Mile Cross Primary School in Norfolk was one of eight schools chosen to launch Countryside Classroom in September 2015. As part of the launch, all 500 pupils at the school received a Countryside Classroom Passport, which contains a selection of challenges that give the passport holder points when they are completed, and spent a whole day taking part in activities run by ten local experts in food, farming and the natural environment.

Activities included cookery demonstrations, planting and a lesson on cereal crops.

Deputy head teacher Toby Whalen said: "Food education is as important as all other topics. We believe it isn't about narrowing the curriculum or teaching food as a topic in isolation, but being open to how you can broaden pupils’ experiences through subjects like maths and science to support the whole child holistically.

"The Countryside Classroom website is now bookmarked as one I would look at to book the next year's school visits or assembly ideas."

We hope that the Countryside Classroom will encourage a deep-rooted respect and understanding of our natural environment in the next generation and even inspire some to consider a career in the countryside in the future.